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Hey There!

Welcome, my name is Kathy and We have been involved in Akitas since 1991. You can learn about our Akita family by following the links. Please watch your step as we are still under construction as this is my first attempt at a web page. I am a Groomer by profession, having previously graduated and taught at the Baltimore School of Dog Grooming. Please take a minute to sign our guestbook and let us know what you think of our page and or four legged family. Ya All Come Back Now-Hear?

I am the other half.....

My name is Ed, and if I am ever lucky enough to get my own computer I just may get to meet you all, as my wife is always hogging this one. It's been a pleasure chatting with you. I have to go now Kathy wants to get back on the keyboard. Bye for now

Hello and Welcome to Our Page We Are Kathy & Ed Coffman

and are currently owned by three Akitas. "Aiko"-Skipjack's Chesapeake Lady "Kodi"-UKC CH Kodeo's Akai Kuma of Kodiak CGC "Keno"-Skipjack's Lucky Number

Kodi says hello and come visit him!

Kodi's Page: Click here to see and learn about Kodi
GuestBook: leave us a message
Homepage: Our email addy is here

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