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Keno has just recently started her show career, taking a RWB to a four point major and following up with WB the very next day from the 6-9 puppy class. We would like to thank Pat Mills at Skipjack Akitas for giving us the opportunity to share in this special girls future. Keno is the daughter of CH Roxam's Black Tae Affair "Tae" X WestBay's Norma Jean "Babe" and the grandaughter of CH Goshen's Chariots O'Fire ROM "Hoss" Watch for this special little girl at the shows on the East Coast

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Skipjack's Lucky Number

Hello, my name is Keno but I am more commonly known as the dirt devil. I like to dig holes, bury bones and swim in my wading pool. Can I help it if I get dirty doing that? I love my roommate, Kodi and he thinks I'm just a big stuffed toy to play with but thats OK with me. I have another roommate her name is Aiko, you will find a link to her on this page, she's older than both of us but very sweet make sure you stop by to see her to, she loves company.