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Skipjack's Chesapeake Lady

Aiko is our first akita, she is an excellent companion and a real couch potato. Aiko was bred by Pat Mills of Skipjack Akitas. CH Skipjack's Big Easy (Iko) X CH Skipjack's Kaki Kabune (Kaki) As you can see by the photos she enjoys napping and having company come visit eliciting the natural akita WOO WOO sounds when company nears the door.

Skipjack's Chesapeake Lady

Hi I am Aiko, the older sister in the family. My mom and dad keep bringing home these youngsters who like to try to keep me awake, but as you can see I sleep very well. I don't know what they get so excited about always jumping on me and wanting to play, theres some serious naps to take and I am gonna take em. I'll play with the youngsters later. Thanks for stopping by to visit I hope to see you again soon.

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